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Forays in psychotherapy: physician heal thyself first

When Nietzsche Wept: A Novel of Obsession - Irvin D. Yalom

I read this only halfway so I can't rate it beyond that, except that I am a fan of Yalom's books on psychotherapy. I bought this blend of fact and fiction at a time when I wanted to know more about Sandor Firenczi and his approach to therapy vs Freud's.


Yalom, from his other books, is a firm believer in the therapist's role in, and the benefits he derives from his patient's therapy. At a time when I was in need of psychotherapy but the skills and experience of psychiatrists like Yalom was not available to me, my shrink gave me the next best thing: introduced me to Yalom's books. I devoured them.


I can credit Yalom with helping me in my journey of self-understanding and with helping me live in a world that will never understand or accept all of me, just as I won't others.


Or even care.


Still, even halfway through When Nietzsche Wept, I couldn't help but think what a lot of ado about nothing. Chill, Nietzsche.