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In the end, Envy won.


I came to know about Ladd only in the late 90s through Dr Arnold Fructenbaum's seminal work on Israel in eschatology, called Israelology, the Missing Link in Systematic Theology. Ladd, for those interested in Dispensationalism vs Covenant Theology's view of Eschatology, is known as the leading proponent of Premillenialism as opposed to other Covenant Theology proponents who are Amillennialists (Hoekema, for example).


Yeah, he's dead now but I bought this book not to understand his millennial views but to know a bit about the man who described the Bible as “the Word of God given in the words of men in history."


Today, Ladd is certainly not a obscure theologian but here is, also, a prime example of posthumous recognition (whether or not you agree with his views) and the sad and sobering reminder that even experts in the Word of God can end up driven by envy and covetousness. Not for money, but certainly for fame and recognition.


A longing for a place at the table. I feel sad reading this book; sadder still that my last pastor has gone the same way - hankering after a place at the table with his heroes.


Today, 35 years after I came to know Yeshua as Son of God and my Savior, I no longer attend church but stay in regular contact with fellow believers, engage in theological discussions on a daily basis, listen to online bible lessons and (some) sermons; work on my personal bible lessons and, until my husband reached the final stages of renal failure, taught the bible alongside with him to our little home group.


I also follow blogs by gay men who used to be married and, in their 40s, came out to their families. I follow, on Facebook, a young, Muslim gay man who showed me a tender, patriotic, loving side to homosexual, with whom I've had some delightful lunches.


I read, and love, gay romantic fiction and I'm hoping I'll live to see the day when homosexuality is no longer illegal in my country and that denying gay couples the right to marry is unconstitutional. If my gay Muslim friend is being sent to the frontlines to defend our country, if he is paying taxes, why is he being denied his basic rights?


But I digress. A Place at the Table is book I highly recommend if you're a Christian who can survive not having to view our leaders through rose-tinted glassses.