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Ty & Zane fanfic, anyone?


Getting here (a T&Z groupie?) was a long, arduous journey filled with frustrations and bemusement. I loved the first installment because, at last,  found an MM romance that wasn't just about sex. There was a story there! My interest was short-lived. I hated Book 2, Sticks and Stones, because I couldn't, for the life of me, understand why an author would think I want to go camping with 2 Feds. Camping. Why? I want my gay Feds to be chasing down bad guys; I want suspense connected to murders or kidnappings... you know, the stuff Feds get paid to you.


It was a few years before I dared think of coming back to this series. I did follow the Goodreads posts and reviews, though, and finally did try Book 3, Fish and Chips, which has to go down as one of the lamest FBI books I'd ever read. Book 4, Divide & Conquer I didn't even finish despite trying more than once.


Then something momentous happened: I discovered AUDIOBOOKS!


I bought all five audios from Audible and became a Ty & Zane fan from that day on. I was fortunate to have Sawyer Allerde, then Sean Crisden, as the first narrators I'd heard. If it had been Jeff Gelder, I doubt if I would have fallen in love with this series.


I loved Book 5, Armed & Dangerous, even though I thought Crisden gave Julian Cross the weirdest accent ever. Book 5 was also the last audiobooks to be made and at this point, there is no news as when the rest of the books will be out in audio. Riptide, finally, took my inquiry seriously and sent me a couple of informative emails from which I learnt that they have outsourced the series to an audiobook publisher and that it is their intention to release the rest of the books in audio.


From Riptide:

On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 9:08 AM, Riptide Info <info@riptidepublishing.com> wrote:


We do very much hope to bring the rest of the C&R series to audio, but because audio production is a complex process about which we know little, we were concerned we wouldn't be able to produce a quality product at an affordable price. We spoke with several experts and ultimately made the decision to license the rights to professional audio publishers who do nothing BUT produce audiobooks. It was the best way to ensure we'd end up with an audiobook readers would enjoy and could afford. To help us navigate all of this, we signed on with a top-notch subrights agent who is working to find good homes for the Cut & Run books, and many others at well. At this point, though, it's a waiting game, but I promise that as soon as we know something, we'll share it with everyone.  Thank you so much for your interest, and I hope we can bring you C&R in audio soon!
Could be a very long wait.